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Inches away from Judy Dench & Ben Whishaw.

Judy Dench and Ben Whishaw, on the stage together, a cast made in Heaven, and me in the front row of the stalls. Bliss.

Ben Whishaw
Judy Dench
A scene from Peter and Alice at The Noel Coward Theatre. Photograph: Johan Persson


The chance meeting of elderly Alice Liddell Hargreaves, the real-life inspiration for Alice in Lewis Carroll’s Read more

Happy Publication Day, Alison!


A friend of mine, ALISON MORTON, is today publishing her novel, INCEPTIO. I haven’t yet had the chance to read the novel, but I’m sure it’ll be a gripping read. As an introduction to Alison’s novel, I’m going to let you eavesdrop on our conversation. I’m the one in bold font.

Mega congratulations, Alison, on your Read more