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  • Hello Liz,

    I recently came across your book The Flame Within. I’m reaching out to let you know about our book review services that we started this January. We’re an editorial book review website/ digital magazine. Here is one of our review as an example:

    “Book review: Roseneath by Dana McSwain

    Dark and absolutely riveting…

    McSwain makes her foray into the genre of horror with this chilling tale about a couple’s gradual descent into bizarre madness as they try to confront evil lurking in the shadows of their newly-purchased house. An unfortunate incident sends the fragile Georgia Pritchard into a downward spiral of depression from where she is unable to get back. Trying to pull his wife out of her misery, Nathan Pritchard relocates themselves at Roseneath, a 100-year-old house in need of critical restoration, that he bought months ago on a whim. Settling in Roseneath changes their lives dramatically: Georgia starts living in a bizarre but contented state of exhilaration after she discovers company in the form of a ghost of a murdered child in the old attic unaware of the upcoming drastic events; and Nathan finds solace in the basement, the sole part of house he keeps off-limit for Georgia. The couple’s life soon turns upside down with Georgia wondering about the thing lurking in the basement: is it a trapped soul waiting to be released or a clever, manipulative demon with an ulterior motive? The parts that include characters’ inner conversations with the unknown make the narrative slightly difficult to comprehend. However, centered around the theme of the war between good and evil, the story is thoroughly shaped by different characters’ point of views. McSwain paints a credible portrait of a couple in extremis both emotionally and physically as they try to cope with the unexplainable while the wall between reality and illusion wears away. The sections that convey Georgia, Edith, and Nathan’s inner turmoil add a thorough psychological depth to the deviously dark and not-so-subtle horror narrative. The characters are sketched with skill and depth: Georgia is carved with gentle care and utmost precision, and readers will find themselves rooting for her throughout. Nathan as a protective husband is equally convincing. Precocious Edith, who hauntingly evokes readers’ sympathy is a triumph of a character; Michael is delightfully dotty and utterly intimidating at once; The antagonist is the devious, ultimate villain readers will love to hate. McSwain’s lyrical prose combined with visual imagination offers the eerie horror atmosphere, and Roseneath as the violent, volatile realm of dark fairy tales provides perfect backdrop for the wonderfully creepy story. The narrative is both flawlessly paced and suspenseful. This taut tale of horror provocatively keeps the reader waiting for final revelation as an eerie juxtaposition of good and evil is revealed. This is a winner.”

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  • Lynette Williams:

    Hello I am a member of ARRA I just read your interview on the blog about your travels I have pre ordered “The Flame within ” as I read “Dark horizons” which I enjoyed very much –I hope one day all this madness (virus) is more under control so we can all travel again—–Lyn

    • Liz:

      Many thanks, Lynette. What a lovely comment. I, too, can’t wait to be able to travel again. I was lucky in that my trip to Vietnam, which took place early this year in February, was before we knew of the danger posed by this ghastly virus. Australia seems to have done very well in containing it. I had good news from ARRA this week, by the way – I was the lucky Purple Heart winner! In March 2021, the third in the Linford Series will be published – The Lengthening Shadow. This is the story of Dorothy Linford, Joseph’s oldest child, and of Louisa, Charles and Sarah’s daughter. I hope you enjoy that one, too. 🙂

  • It looks like this link is broken on your site:

    I thought you would like to know :). Silly mistakes can ruin your site’s credibility. I’ve used a tool called in the past to keep mistakes off of my website.


    • Liz:

      Thank you for your comment, Kerri. My website was completely overhauled a few weeks ago as I now have too many published books to be able to display them in the way that I used to. As soon as the website was finished, the link was restored. I hope you think that the new look works well.

  • Margo Dickson:

    Hi Liz, I’m reading ‘The Flame Within’ having previously read ‘The Dark Horizon’ and I just had to let you know how much I’m enjoying it. The first book was unputdownable (is that a word!!?) and as I read the second book and hear more detail and get insight into another character I find I’m entranced! I feel I’m transported into another world for a time and it is amazing.
    I’ll be looking for more of your work and although I’m only a third of the way through ‘The Flame’ I hope to read more about the Linford family.
    Thankyou for your brilliant writing and I look forward to reading much more of it.
    Kind Regards
    Margo Dickson

    • Liz:

      Thank you so much for your really lovely comment, Margo. I hope that you thought the conclusion to The Flame Within was a satisfying one. In March 2021, The Lengthening Shadow will be published. This is the third, and final, book in The Linford Series. It tells the story of Dorothy Linford, Joseph’s oldest child, and of Louisa Linford, Charles and Sarah’s daughter. It’s been a huge wrench for me to leave the Linfords as I’ve become very attached to them, but I feel that I must. I wanted each book in the series to be complete in itself, and it wouldn’t be possible to maintain that were there to be a fourth book. However, Darjeeling Inheritance is in the pipeline, set in 1930 in Darjeeling, on three tea plantations, and I’m very much enjoying writing that. 🙂

  • Dear Liz

    Hello! Hope you are well

    I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading Darjeeling Inheritance. I actually went out and bought some rooiboos and don’t even drink tea normally! Ha that is the power of an atmospheric novel. I will review it shortly and it’s highly recommended from me!

    I would love to have you write about the locations in your upcoming book and wondered if you would have the time, and indeed the inclination, to write about 700 words on your settings and how readers might best access them, to ‘see’ your novel on location as it were. You can write what you want along the lines of:

    Where your novel is set and how you researched setting
    How to capture language, culture and essence of a place
    Why that setting?
    Did you visit in real life?
    What does armchair travel mean to you
    Any funny stories or anecdotes
    Please recommend a food, drink, music or custom etc that reader can adopt when reading your novel (based on the setting/culture etc)

    Photos most welcome to illustrate the piece!
    Hope this is possible. No deadline as such. Just when you have time.
    Kind regards
    Susan from The BookTrail

  • Andriana Ristevska:


    My name is Andriana and I am from Macedonia. I would like to know if it’s possible and if you would like to collaborate with me. Would you like to send me a physical books (I don’t read e-books) for exchange for honest review. I will post my review on Goodreads, Facebook аnd Instagram (@prodolzidacitas), also I will post the review on my blog in macedonian. 🙂

    I really love reading and I would be so happy to read new authors and promote their books in my country. I would gladly read and write reviews!

    Kind regards,

    • Liz:

      Thank you for your kind offer, Andriana. I’d love you to review any or all of my novels, and I’m delighted to tell you that they can be obtained, in paperback as well as in ebook form, from Amazon shops throughout the world.

  • Maria Veitinger:

    Liebe Autorin, ich habe Ihren wunderbaren Roman “Eine Erbschaft in Darjeeling” gelesen und bin begeistert. Es war nicht nur eine tolle Liebesgeschichte, sondern auch noch ein sehr informativer Roman über Darjeeling und den Teeanbau und dessen Verarbeitung. Zufällig kam jetzt ein Film über die Region Darjeeling und den Teeanbau und die Teeverarbeitung. Es war sehr interessant zu sehen, wie gut sie das Thema recherchiert haben und dann im Roman beschrieben haben. Wirklich tolle Arbeit!!! Der Leser kann sich das Thema aufgrund der guten Beschreibung wirklich gut vorstellen.
    Da ich mit Querschnitt im Rollstuhl sitze und nicht mehr verreisen kann, danke ich Ihnen, dass ich mit Ihrem Roman nach Darjeeling reisen durfte. Ich hoffe, dass noch viele Ihrer Romane ins Deutsche übersetzt werden, damit ich sie lesen kann. Den Roman “Liebe und Verrat in Cochin” werde ich 2023 auf alle Fälle lesen. Ich freue mich darauf.
    In der E-Book-Version von “Eine Erbschaft in Darjeeling” haben sich einige Fehler eingeschlichen. Zum Beispiel: S. 68 “Das ist sehr freundliche von Ihnen, Mrs. Lawrence, … Das ist sehr f r e u n d l i c h von Ihnen, … Wenn Sie an den Fehlern interessiert sind, bin ich gerne bereit, Ihnen die Fehler mitzuteilen.
    Es tut mir sehr leid, dass meine Englisch-Kenntnisse nicht gut genug sind, dass ich Ihnen diesen Brief in englisch schreiben könnte. Ich hoffe aber, dass Sie jemanden kennen, der Ihnen meinen Brief übersetzt.
    Mit lieben Grüßen Maria Veitinger

    • Liz:

      Danke, dass Sie mir geschrieben haben, Maria. Ich habe es sehr genossen zu lesen, was Sie zu sagen hatten, und ich habe Ihnen provat geantwortet. Mit den besten Wünschen, Liz

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