The Colonials

Four epic tales of love, envy and malice set in the 1930s, the time of the British Raj, which will take the reader from the sweeping tea plantations of Darjeeling, to the palm-tree lined coast of exotic Cochin, South India, to Simla, the summer capital of the British Raj, which lies in the shadow of the snow-crusted Himalayas, and to the bustling streets Hanoi, in a Vietnam colonised by the French.

Set on three tea plantations, Darjeeling Inheritance tells the story of Charlotte Lawrence, who inherited a tea plantation on her father’s sudden death.

Cochin Fall shows how a simple misunderstanding threatened the happiness of Clara Saunders and that of her trader family.

Simla Mist tells how one person’s hostility towards her father, a member of the British Government in India, endangered the family and the future of Lilian Hunt.

Hanoi Spring takes the reader to Hanoi, Vietnam, where Lucette Delon had just settled with her husband, who held a high position in the French administration. Unknown to them, they hovered at the fringe of a dangerous intrigue. 

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