The Heart of the West

Two emotional tales of love and deception set in the sweeping state of Wyoming in the 1880s, in the days when Wyoming had yet to become a State.

A Bargain Struck is the story of a man and a woman brought together through need, not love.

Set in Wyoming, 1887, widower Connor Maguire advertises for a wife to raise his young daughter, to work the homestead and to bear him a son. Ellen O’Sullivan longs for a home, a husband and a family. On paper, she’s everything Connor needs in a wife.

“A Bargain Struck is a tale very well told. … the reader is fully aware of place and time, and the plot of the story itself is engrossing. A thoroughly enjoyable read, full of romance and with enough treachery and intrigue to keep you rooting for Ellen until the last page.” Katy O’Dowd. Historical Novel Society Review)

Golden Tiger, set in Wyoming in the 1870s and 1880s, was first published in 2016 under the title The Lost Girl.

Orphaned at a few days old, Chinese-born Charity is discovered by a young boy, Joe, and given a home by his mining family. Over the years, mounting tensions between the new Chinese immigrants and the locals see Charity shunned by both communities, but deriving strength from her friendship with Joe. But the day comes when Joe must leave town to follow his dreams.

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