The Linford Series

A gripping saga set in the years between WW1 and WW2. Over the course of three books, readers will meet the Linford family, a family simmering with secrets, deceit and lies, and will go on a sweeping journey that takes them from London to the densely packed tenements of New York, to a northern mill town, to a small town in Germany.

Based in London, with a weekend retreat in the Cotswolds, the Linford family is headed by ruthless Joseph Linford, the oldest of three brothers, and chairman of a successful building company.

The Dark Horizon tells the story of Lily, Joseph’s daughter-in-law, whom he mistrusts and determines to remove from the family by whatever means he can.

The Flame Within tells the story of Alice, a former nurse who married Joseph’s brother, Thomas.

The Lengthening Shadow tells the story of Dorothy, Joseph’s oldest child, who falls in love with a German internee and is cast out from the family when she marries him.

Discover more about each of the Linford Series novels:

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