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The Road Back

“A splendid love story, so beautifully told.” Colin Dexter O.B.E.

The Road Back has been described ‘as a sumptuous tale of love and adventure in the sweeping and little-known backdrop of Ladakh, north of the Himalayas … which throws together two people from radically different cultures with explosive results.’

Their story is the story of a passion that crosses cultures and of a love that lasts for ever.

THE ROAD BACK was published by Choc Lit in September, 2012

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A Bargain Struck

In Wyoming Territory, 1887, Connor Maguire, a widower with an eight year old daughter about to start school, needing someone to do the woman’s work on his homestead, advertises for a wife.

Ellen O’Sullivan, a widow living in Omaha, Nebraska, needing to feel part of a home and a family, answers the advertisement.

During their initial exchange of letters, each expected total honesty from the other. Unfortunately, expectations are not always met…

Set beneath the sweeping skies of Wyoming, A Bargain Struck tells the story of a man and a woman brought together through need, not love.

A BARGAIN STRUCK was published by Choc Lit in September, 2013.


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Evie Undercover


Libel lawyer, Tom Hadleigh, must urgently visit the 14th century house he recently bought in Umbria, Italy. Alas, Tom has a little problem: he can’t speak a word of Italian; his Italian surveyor can’t speak a word of English, and his regular interpreter isn’t available to accompany him.

Enter auburn-haired Evie Shaw, ostensibly an agency temp, in reality the newest reporter on the gossip magazine Pure Dirt. Through the manipulation of her editor, Evie, fluent in Italian, is sent to work for Tom as an interpreter.

For Tom, his house will be his sole focus for their week in Italy. Unfortunately for Tom, Evie has a different focus-namely the exposé she must write about Tom or lose her only offer of a magazine job after months of searching.

But the path for the investigative journalist is seldom smooth, and it certainly never is when the subject in hand is as drop-dead gorgeous, sexy and amusing as Tom.

EVIE UNDERCOVER, published by Choc Lit, is now available on kindle.

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The Art of Deception

(A Dangerous Heart)

Since her father’s death when she was 8, Jennifer O’Connor had been frequently told by her bitter mother that the people responsible for his death were the Castanien brothers. Years later, Jennifer finds out that Max Castanien is the only surviving brother. Living and teaching in one of two houses on Max’s property in Umbria, Jennifer finds herself drawn to this handsome, charming man.
A DANGEROUS HEART – A People’s Friend Pocket Novel published on 22nd March, 2012. Available in libraries in May, 2013. In October, 2013, Choc Lit edited A Dangerous Heart and brought it out as a Choc Lit Lite novel, under the title THE ART OF DECEPTION.

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