Introducing…Evie Undercover

Meet Evie Shaw, newest reporter on the gossip magazine Pure Dirt. Evie is the star of …


Libel lawyer, Tom Hadleigh, must urgently visit the 14th century house he recently brought in Umbria, Italy. Alas, Tom has a little problem: he can’t speak a word of Italian; his Italian surveyor can’t speak a word of English, and his regular interpreter isn’t available to accompany him.

Enter auburn-haired Evie Shaw, ostensibly an agency temp, in reality the newest reporter on the gossip magazine Pure Dirt. Through the manipulation of her editor, Evie, fluent in Italian, is sent to work for Tom as an interpreter.

For Tom, his house will be his sole focus for their week in Italy. Unfortunately for Tom, Evie has a different focus Рnamely, the exposé she must write about Tom or lose her only offer of a magazine job after months of searching.

But the path for the investigative journalist is seldom smooth, and it certainly never is when the subject in hand is as drop-dead gorgeous as Tom.

Evie Undercover, a rom com published by Choc Lit, is now available on kindle. Click here to be taken to Amazon, where you can read the first chapter of Evie’s story.


14 thoughts on “Introducing…Evie Undercover”

    1. Many thanks, Sue. It was a fun book to write, and I loved every minute of doing it. I love the part of the world in which it’s set, which was an added pleasure. It’s coming out on audio books, too, which is good.

    1. Many thanks, Liv. It’s very different from The Road Back, but I very much enjoyed doing it. I feel it’s very romantic. I hope others will, too.

    1. Thank you, Henri. We’ve both had covers to show this week, haven’t we? I can’t wait to read Up Close.

  1. Sound great, Liz – will head to Amazon as soon as I can get a decent internet connection!

    1. Many thanks, Sarah. I’m just writing a few lines about it to update my website. I’m smiling as I do. I really like Tom and Evie. And I love anything to do with the Law.

  2. Was this a little something you knocked off while lazing in the summer sun in Umbria?? Are you secretly morphing into a Georges Simenon/Agatha Christie type production line??

    Read the sample chapter on Amazon and chuckled a lot. This should bear further investigation!


    1. You’re close, John – I wrote it on my return from Umbria! It’s 80,000 words long, so it’s bit more than a ‘little something’, but falls well short of War and Peace.

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