If this were a blog with sound effects, you’d hear a drum roll and you’d see me pull back a curtain to reveal the cover of A Bargain Struck, which comes out in September 2013.  But alas, it’s a silent blog, so you’ll have to imagine the fanfare. In fact, you’ll have to imagine the curtain, too.

Right, drum roll. I’m pulling back the curtain ….

The Choc Lit cover designer has done it again! Thank you, Berni.

It’s an atmospheric cover, which recalls the wide plains of Wyoming in its colour tones. There’s a horse in the background and the wheel of a wagon in the foreground. Horses and wagons were very much a part of the life of homesteaders in Wyoming, 1887. There’s a child on the cover, too. Conn Maguire has an eight-year old daughter, Bridget.

As for what the book is about. Well, it’s about Connor Maguire, from Liberty, Wyoming Territory, and Ellen O’Sullivan, from Omaha, Nebraska.

What about them, I can hear you ask, a degree of impatience in your voice. But the answer to that I shall leave for another day. I’d rather keep the focus today on a cover which I’m sure will tempt the reader to take A Bargain Struck off the bookshelf and start on the journey to Wyoming that will bring them into the hearts of Connor and Ellen.