Once again, I’m going to let my camera do the talking.  This is purely altruistic, of course – it’s not about me not having to think what to write about this week. Oh, no; it’s solely to help you to put faces to names.

So, here goes. Join in the fun of the RNA Winter Party 2012 …

Fab Choc Lit designer Berni Stevens, Marketing Director Lyn Vernham,  Sue Moorcroft

Christine Stovell, Henriette Gyland, Luke Roberts










Agent Carole Blake with Liz Fenwick

Charlotte Betts









Berni Kennedy, Jenny Haddon

Annie Ashurst, with Roger Sanderson, lead the toast to Christmas and the New Year.










Nicola Slade

Alison Morton

Donna Condon


Maggi Fox,  A.J. Pearce

Kimberley Young, Biddy Coady









Katie Fforde, Jon Astley, Judy Astley

Kate Lace, Laura Longrigg, Janie Millman









Myra Kersner, Nora Fountain

Some of the Choc Lit team Juliet Archer, Berni Stevens, Lyn Vernham, Kate Johnson, Luke Roberts









Hannah Lambie, Linda Chamberlain, Talli Roland, Henriette Gyland

Me with Berni Stevens. Lyn Vernham is talking to Juliet Archer










Jan Jones

Jenny Barden

Julie Cohen, Henriette Gyland



RNA Party organisers Jan Jones and Roger Sanderson

Charlotte Betts, Debbie White, Susie Vereker









Sheryl Browne, Sue Fortin, Anna Bell, Jan Brigden, Anita Chapman, Nicky Wells, Mandy Baggot

Lizzie Lamb, Mags Cullingford










Pia Fenton

Pam Fudge

Carol McGrath


… and me



Well that’s all for this week. Over and out.

Goodbye for now!