Fun at the Festival of Romance 2012

Having spent last weekend at the fab Festival of Romance 2012, it was inevitable that I’d want to show you some moments from over the three days.

I’m going to save my voice for the RNA social events ahead of me, and let my photos talk for themselves.

We’ll start with some glimpses of Friday evening, which culminated in the Gala Dinner.

Fellow Chocliteers Margaret James, Christina Courtenay, Sue Moorcroft

Lyn Vernham, Marketing Director of Choc Lit

Trisha Ashley



The Romaniacs in party mood

Christina Courtenay lining up with the other winners of the Festival of Romance Award

Chocolates – an essential part of the meal



At the Romance Fair on Saturday …

Gilli Allan, Caroline, Cara Cooper and friends

The New Romantics’ table

The New Romantics again


Fiona Harper and friends

Charlie Cochrane, Jean Fullerton, Louise Allen

The Author Published Books’ table


The Chocliteers at their table, and helping to (wo)man also the RNA table. Margaret James, me, Sarah Tranter, Sue Moorcroft, Christina Courtenay

Christina Courtenay offers one of her amazing chocolate brownies to Caroline

Choc Lit’s Sarah Tranter, showing me her novel


Taking a rest, Sarah, me Christina and Liz Fenwick


Snippets from the evening and following lunch session …


Lynda Dunwell, Lesley Eames

Rosemary Morris, Lynda Dunwell, Cara Cooper, husband and friends

Trisha Ashley, Kate Allan, Jean Fullerton


Laura James illustrates a point

Sarah and me

The Romaniacs giving their afternoon talk



Preparing for the Sunday afternoon Tea with the Historical Novelists.

Jenny takes a bow

Charlotte Betts helping Jean Fullerton

Jenny Barden helping Lynda Dunwell


Bowing out

Lynda is ready to go for a stroll

Jean and me, with copies of The Road Back between us



At a Romance Fair, all you need isΒ  L O V E …

… and L O V E was, indeed, in the air!


  • Wonderful photos, Liz. Thanks for posting them. I couldn’t be there this year but the FoR is in my diary for 2013 for sure!

    Janice xx

    • Liz:

      It would be lovely if you could make it one year, Janice. Or perhaps the RNA conference again. These social occasions are such fun. Selling books there is just the icing on the chocolate cake!

  • Celia Anderson:

    Lovely memories of a fabulous few days!

    • Liz:

      It was lovely seeing you at the Festival, Celia, Congratulations again on your success – what a fabulous evening it was for you πŸ™‚

  • Terrific photos Liz, nice to have such lovely memories of a fun weekend. Useful too, I really enjoyed it and our chats. Back to work now eh? At least we are revitalised!

    • Liz:

      Back to work it is for me, too, Cara, but not until I’ve tidied my desk! I’m surrounded by chaos. It was lovely seeing you at the Festival, and I loved your new dress.

  • What a week it was! Love the photos, thanks Liz.

    • Liz:

      it was great seeing you there, Sue. I think a fun time was had by all. Kate must be very pleased with how it went.

  • John Jackson:

    Excellent photos, Liz!!! (and more than big enough).

    Delighted to see there seems to have been lots of Chocolate and bubbles involved.


    • Liz:

      Chocolate is a must on these occasions, John!

      I did think the pics a little small, and will make them larger for the pics of the RNA party – unless, that is, the blog begins to look like a challenge to The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire!

  • Brilliant post about a wonderful weekend and as alway, lovely to see you.

    • Liz:

      Thank you, Jean. I hope you’re more settled now and that Wednesday proved to be a most enjoyable day. I look forward to seeing you at the SE Chapter Party on Saturday.

  • Thank you for posting your photographs of the F o R, Liz. I always forget to take my camera and my mob is an old fashioned variety that JUST makes phone calls. Without people like you I’d have no record of any event I ever attended.
    Great to see the pics of the historical “afternoon tea”. I’d have loved to stay on for it, as you’ve probably noticed, I love dressing up, but after my difficult journey getting to Bedford I didn’t want to risk driving home in the dark. As it happened, I was home in just over two hours.


  • P.S. I should have said, it was a very enjoyable event. All credit to Kate Allan, whose brain child it is, and who organised and hosted the whole thing, despite being in the late stages of pregnancy.

    • Liz:

      Many thanks for your comment, Gilli.

      I thought Kate did amazingly well. The idea of organising a conference during which readers can meet authors is a brilliant one, and I hope that it continues to go from strength to strength.

  • Liv Thomas:

    Lovely pics, Liz. Would so love to have been there.

    • Liz:

      It would have been lovely if you had been able to be there, Liv. But there’ll be other occasions πŸ™‚

  • Carol McGrath:

    Lovely pics and happy memories. Good to see pics of the days I missed.

    • Liz:

      At least you made the Saturday evening, Carol – that was better than nothing. It was good to see you there.

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