Hello, all! I’m back…

…after a very busy, but brilliant, summer.

The few weeks since I posted a blog divide into three main segments (although the bits in between were pretty good, too) – the RNA Conference; my holiday in Italy; my research trip/holiday in Wyoming.

On my return to my blog today, I thought I’d share some moments with you of the first of these three – the RNA Conference, which took place in July in Penrith.

As always, the conference was terrific fun as well as very informative. I trotted along with my camera (more enthusiasm for taking pics than skill, I’m afraid), and manage to capture several moments, and I’ve put the photos I took below.  Enjoy!

Arriving at the RNA Conference 2012, held in Penrith, Jules Wake talking to Jude Roust

Further down the table, Linda Hooper, Melanie Hilton, Nicola Cornick


At tea, Alison Maynard, Kate Johnson and Jane Lovering


Lynne Connolly and her new computer

Talli Roland

Jude Roust, Jules Wake



Sue Moorcroft talking to the delegates at the opening of the conference

Evonne Wareham, winner of the Joan Hessayon Prize, with RNA Chair Annie Ashurst and Jan Jones, conference organiser

Jane Lovering, winner of the Romantic Novel of the Year 2012, with Jan Jones




Henriette Gyland's heels were the envy of all

Panel members Janet Gover and agent Carole Blake

Panel members Henriette Gyland and Nicola Cornick


Some of the contents of my goody bag

Janice Horton, with camera

The NWS panel, introduced by Melanie Hilton , Organiser of the NWS


The panel for the NWS discussion

Denise Barnes talking to Carol McGrath


Kate Jackson Bedford


Jean Harker and Lizzy Edmondson with agent Dot Lumley

Pia Fenton (Christina Courtenay) and Liz Fenwick

Ready for the Gala Dinner




We went to the bar on occasions (yes, that’s a surprise!)


Lynne Connolly, ready for the Gala Dinner

Myra Kersner, Sue Moorcroft, Pia Fenton (Christina Courtenay)

A toast at the Gala Dinner




Jenny Barden discusses researching her novel

Julie Cohen delivering her talk to the conference

Henriette Gyland demonstrates the wearing of an ancient corset


Catherine Jones (Kate Lace) looks comfortable

Pia Fenton (Christina Courtenay) discusses genealogy

Roger Sanderson raises a glass


Yes, we’re in the bar again

Jan Jones, rightfully pleased with the way the conference went

I couldn't resist finishing with a shot of these ultra-delicious flapjacks. I ate far too many of them.

Quiz night in the bar on the Sunday evening




The RNA Conference 2012 was the perfect start to a lovely summer. I very much hope that you, too, all had a brilliant summer.

See you next week!

  • Jan Brigden:

    Hi Liz, welcome back! So pleased you had a fab holiday and research trip. Great photos of the conference. Love the look of those flapjacks too (trust me to pick out that particular snap!) 🙂 x x

    • Liz:

      I LOVED those flapjacks – they were thick and syrupy. I hope you’ve had a good summer, too, Jan, x

  • Wendy Loveday:

    Ace photos! Wish I had been there. Maybe next year [crosses fingers so is now unable to type…

    • Liz:

      It’ll be in Sheffield next year, Wendy. Perhaps you’ll be able to make that. It’s such fun. My pics seemed to have avoided just about everything social, but believe me it is very social. It’s a lovely way to make friends, to catch up with ‘old’ friends, and to learn about the publishing industry as it is today. x

  • Brought back such lovely memories!

  • Liv:

    Wonderful pics, Liz. Hope I’ll get to the next one. Thanks for sharing.

    • Liz:

      I hope you do, too, Liv. It would be brilliant to meet up with you. But if not then, I’m sure we will another time.

  • Welcome back Liz! It’s great to see you on Twitter again. Lovely photos of the RNA conference. Hope to make it next year. Look forward to your post about Umbria!

    • Liz:

      Many thanks, Anita.

      It would be fantastic if you could make a future conference – we always have such a good time there.

      I thought of you recently when my son and his partner spent four days in Siena. They had a fabulous time there. I can’t wait to read ‘The Grandson’.

  • Well, it looks as though the RNA conf will have to be a must-do for me for 2013. So many people I know are in your photos……all that networking I missed this time….silly me.
    Hope your book sells shedloads, Liz…..it’s on my tbr list.

    • Liz:

      Many thanks, Linda. The conference is a superb way to get to know people who share one’s interest in reading and in books generally. It’s wonderful to be able to talk about writing to someone whose eyes don’t glaze over within minutes.

      I do hope you enjoy The Road Back.

  • Henriette Gyland:

    Fabulous photos, Liz. Everybody looked so glam and relaxed, but Penrith has that effect, I think. Oh, and that Tudor corset was darned uncomfortable, because it squashes down the breasts. I think the Naughty Georgians had the right idea, letting them spill out over the top!

    • Liz:

      Darn, that the corset was uncomfortable! I was thinking of getting one and adding it to my wardrobe. It would fit my wrist perfectly, I thought, and be a fairly cool arm accessory.

  • Lovely photos Liz. And I love the idea of a research trip to Wyoming.

    • Liz:

      Many thanks for your comment, Rhoda.

      It was wondereful to walk where my characters walked and do what they did. It was one of the best holidays ever – having a research focus lifted the holiday to as different level.

  • What a summer you’ve had – and what a conference we had! Great photos, Liz. Wishing you huge success with The Road Back.

    Janice xx

    • Liz:

      Many thanks for your good wishes. It’s the actual publication day on the 7th Sept, about which I’m so excited, and the launch is the following Friday. I hope it goes as well as your launches did.

      That’s a really nice picture of you, Janice. It was a fun conference, wasn’t it? They are always so good.

      I hope you’ve had a good summer.

  • Lovely pictures, Liz; sorry I wasn’t able to make the conference this year. I’m looking forward to your launch of The Road Back. Although it’s certainly the road forward for you now!


    • Liz:

      Many thanks, Heather. The conference was great – it’s a shame that I’m such an uninspiring photographer. I shall have to try to do better at the next RNA event. Be warned!!

  • They bring back great memories. Nice to see them a while after the event.

    • Liz:

      My memo to myself for the next RNA event is not to have such a good time that I forget about my camera! x

  • Wonderful photos, Liz. I really enjoyed the conference. Looking forward to hearing about Wyoming. I also went to Italy this summer, how weird!

    • Liz:

      We really will have to get together at some point and have a proper catch up, Jean. As soon as I’ve handed in the Wyoming book (21st September), we’ll fix something – assuming that you want to. x

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