Many thanks to my friend and colleague, Beverley Eikli, for asking me the following questions about my writing. Beverley and I are colleagues because we’re both published by Choc Lit, and we’re also friends – we’ve been friends since we met last May in Kansas City at the RT Booklovers’ Convention, and we’ll be meeting in May this year in New Orleans for the same convention. Click here to visit Beverley’s website.


I’m working on my third e-book for Choc Lit Lite, the digital branch of Choc Lit. My first two e-books, EVIE UNDERCOVER and THE ART OF DECEPTION, are set in contemporary Umbria.

Evie Undercover

A Bargain Struck

The Art of Deception


For A WESTERN HEART, however, I’ve returned to the American West of A BARGAIN STRUCK (available in paperback and on Kindle), setting the story in Wyoming, 1880.

Will Hyde and Rose McKinley, the older son and the older daughter of successful neighbouring ranches, have grown up together like brother and sister, knowing that one day they’ll marry and thereby unite their two ranches. Their families and friends know this, too, and are now wondering aloud with increasing frequency why Will and Rose’s engagement hasn’t yet been announced.

Rose, too, has started to wonder why. Will loves her and she loves him, so nothing can stop them marrying. Or can it?


Everyone writes with a voice, and no two voices are the same. My voice and style are a part of me and the way I express myself, just as the subjects I choose reflect my interests. I love strong stories, and I believe in telling the historical truth. My novels, therefore, both paperback and digital, tell page-turning stories (I hope!!) that grow from an authentic background, be the novel historical or contemporary.


I love a good story, and I’ve always been fascinated by history, which is the story of the past. I’m also extremely interested in other countries and in the way that other cultures live. My novels are born out of these interests.

Very excitingly, one of these interests is taking me to AUSTRALIA, both in the pages of In a  Far Place, yet to be published, and in real life. Yes – I’m off to AUSTRALIA in September of this year for what will be my first visit!!  I’m going to Sydney, and I can’t wait!!!

But back to my writing. What I have no interest in, is writing about true people. I prefer to write a fictional story, with fictional characters, that grows organically out of an authentic background.


My (slightly unnaturally tidy) desk

I write every minute that I can. Real life (too) frequently intervenes. There’s nothing I like more than having a whole day ahead of me in which to write. Just me and my laptop. I might research; I might write; I might develop the plan of my story – I always firm up my plan when I’m about a third of the way through the novel – but whatever I do, the day will not seem long enough.

To create a world that didn’t exist until you put your fingers on the keyboard; to people it with characters that didn’t exist before you gave birth to them – being an author is just the very best job in the world.


In case I forget who I am …

Beverley at the western-themed evening


In Kansas City with fellow Choc Lit authors: Me, Evonne Wareham, Sue Moorcroft, Beverley, Christine Courtenay


It was great meeting you, but I’m afraid it’s over and out now! Do call in and see me again.