It’s becoming a habit of mine, putting up photographs after each RNA event, but the events are so enjoyable that I want an excuse to look at them again, and I want a permanent reminder so that I can return to them in the future. Indulge me, therefore, and allow me to share with you the photographs I took at the latest of the superb RNA parties.

The venue: The Royal Over-Seas League, Park Place, St. James’s Street, London.

Waiting for the party to begin …

Rachel Thomas

Pia Fenton, Carol McGrath


Evelyn Ryle, Janet Gover, Christine Stovell



Evelyn Ryle, Melanie Hilton

Maggi Fox, Carol Townend, Indigo Holland

Rachel Thomas, Me


Linda Mitchelmore, Sarah Mitchelmore, Lizzie Lamb

Laura E. James, Lucie Wheeler, Celia Anderson, Sue Fortin, Debbie White

Catherine Jones


And the party begins …

Talli Roland

Jules Wake

Evonne Wareham, Cathy Mansell




Philippa Ashley, Laura E. James

Yes, it’s Pia and Carol again, but I like this photo

Senior Editor Georgina Hawtrey-Woore, Agent Teresa Chris


Liz Ringrose, Margaret Kaine, Mags Cullingford, Freda Lightfoot

Rowan Coleman, Sue Fortin

Yes, it’s Talli again!


Having fun

Having fun

Cara Cooper



Some of the Choc Lit authors, and A. N. Other

Kate Johnson, Alison Maynard, Kathryn Freeman, Laura E. James










Margaret James, Trisha Ashley

Nikki Moore, Sue Moorcroft










Paul Vernham, Alison Maynard

Susie Vereker, Giselle Green










… by Jan Jones

Linda Taylor, Judy Astley, Jennifer Keer, being photographed …

Linda Taylor, Margaret Kaine, Jennifer Keer





Bowing out, but not with shoes – with BOOTS …


Laura E. James’s cowboy boots

Rowan Coleman’s sparkly boots