The Coffee Time Romance Book of the Year Award

I was absolutely thrilled when I learned that THE ROAD BACK had been awarded the Coffee Time Romance & More Book of the Year.  My scream of delight will have been heard on the other side of the Atlantic!

Apart from the sheer excitement of being given the award, there was a huge thrill in knowing that this was a US forum. Most of you know how much I love the US and that I go there as often as I can, so to know that American readers have enjoyed my novel so much is a source of great pleasure.

And the winner is …

To those of you at Coffee Time Romance who nominated The Road Back for this award, a huge THANK YOU!

Before signing off, with the US still firmly in my head, I can’t resist a photo of me in Wyoming last August. Happy days!

Yes, me on a horse about to go riding at the foot of The Rockies

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