This time next week …

I’m off to Penrith to the RNA Conference 2012 tomorrow morning. If it’s as much fun as all of the other RNA conferences I’ve been to, it’s going to be a brilliant few days.

The RNA conference heralds the start of several weeks in which I’ll be out of the country, sometimes with my husband, sometimes without; sometimes with internet access, sometimes without.

I know that I can programme blogs in advance so that they appear on time, BUT the fun of blogging has been the interraction with the fabulous people who comment on my blogs. Thanks to them, I’ve made new friends, I’ve an even longer To Be Read pile than before I started blogging, and I’ve a huge list of To Be Seen titles. Miss Potter is top of the latter list.

If I programmed my blogs because I couldn’t be there in person, I wouldn’t be able to comment on the comments, and I wouldn’t like that, so …

… I shall next blog again on Wednesday, 29th August. You can be sure that in that first blog there’ll be a photo of me on the back of a bucking bronco beneath the big skies of Wyoming. Oh, yes!!

And so, until the 29th August, I wish everyone a very, very happy summer.

I shall leave you with the view that I shall have next week when I sit down in Italy and begin to type.

A view from the loggia, overlooking the pool


Bye for now!

  • John Jackson:

    Now your just rubbing it in!! Don’t forget – its so hot in Rome at the moment, they are feeding frozen fruit/fruitjuice to the animals in the zoo.
    Wyoming is one of those bits of the states I never managed to reach (too few seaports!)
    Have a fantastic hols, and come back refreshed and inspired.

  • Have a lovely time, Liz. Sara at Arte Umbria says it’s as hot there as it is in Rome.

    • Liz Harris:

      Many thanks for your comment, Lesley.

      Last year, my husband had very hot weather in June, and it was so chilly in July that I couldn’t even eat breakfast or dinner outside!! (He goes in June as he hates the heat!)

      This year, he had temperatures in the forties in June, and he phoned up daily, moaning. It was raining in England – you can imagine how sympathetic I was!!

      I’ve just looked at the temperatures for the village I’m going to – I stopped lloking when it had gone from 34, to 33, to 32. I so hope it isn’t going to be a case of action replay!

  • Have a brilliant time, Liz. I can’t wait to read your report on the RNA conference – and I’m SO envious of that Italian view. Bonnes vacances (I don’t know what it is in Italian!)

    • Liz Harris:

      Many thanks, Emma.

      I may well make the conference report (mainly photos) my next blog at the end of August. Should be fun.

      And Buona vacanza to you, too.

  • Might see you at Penrith Liz – it will be my first time going.

    Enjoy your blogging break – can’t wait for the bronco photo :0)


    • Liz Harris:

      Many thanks for taking time out of your busy launch day, Sue, to look at my blog.

      I’m so looking forward to meeting up with you at Penrith.

      I think that the photo that DH will take of me trying to walk the day after our first day of unlimited riding, might be quite entertaining, too!

      Liz X

  • Liz Harris:

    Many thanks, John, for your good wishes.

    I always enjoy reading your comments. Hopefully, come the end of August, I’ll have some things to post that inspire in you the urge to comment further.

    You, too, have a good summer.

    Liz X

  • All sounds blissful! Have a wonderful time.

  • Insanely jealous. I’m packing myself in your suitcase for both trips – have a marvellous time! x

  • Liz Harris:

    Many thanks, Mandy.

    Whatever the weather, both are going to be fun trips. Provided, of course, that it’s not too hot for DH in Wyoming. My research suggests that it’s not as hot there as one might think. I hope that my research won’t prove to have let me down.

    Liz X

  • Jan Brigden:

    Have an absolutely wonderful time, Liz. I can’t wait to hear all about it and to view any fabby snaps. Enjoy the conference too. I so wish I was coming. Hope to see you again soon x x

    • Liz:

      I shall make the RNA Conference the subject of my first blog after the break, Jan. There will be pics galore. It’ll be nice to look back again at what’s going to be a fun time.

  • Missing Penrith, boohoo but really looking forward to seeing your report. Do you remember the Greenwich RNA Conference, steeeeaaaaaming hot!!! I’m sure it’ll all clear up for you guys this weekend.

  • Liz Harris:

    Fear not, Cara, I shall be there at the conference at every key moment, camera in hot little hand …. It’ll all be saved for the end of August.

    Liz x

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