Two Choc Lit authors’ book launch

On Friday evening, April 4th, a number of Choc Lit authors, their families and friends, gathered together at The Chocolate Factory in the south of London to celebrate the publication of two of the latest novels from Choc Lit – Flight to Coorah Creek, Janet Gover’s debut novel with Choc Lit, and The Maid of Milan, by Choc Lit’s Australian author, Beverley Eikli, who was in the UK for a fleeting visit.

As the saying goes, the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft stray. This was one such occasion. Full of good intentions about taking loads of photos to show friends who couldn’t be there, I had my camera in my bag, its battery freshly charged.

But you know how it is – as soon as you get together with people you know, or with people you’ve always wanted to meet but hadn’t yet had the chance to do so, all thoughts of doing anything other than chatting to them can fly out of your mind. At any rate, all thoughts of taking photos certainly flew out of mine!

Happily for me and for those who’d like to see some pictures of the event, my very kind friend, Catriona Robb, took a number of photos during the evening and she’s sent them to me so that I can put them on my blog. A huge thank you, Catriona. As they say on twitter, Mwah!


Janet with Catriona Robb, who took these photos

Book launches are about books – here is Janet signing her novel for Jenny Haddon

Jenny, Janet and the novel. Beverley’s novel can be seen under Janet’s.



Lyn Vernham, Choc Lit’s MD, sees that everyone gets wine, and more wine. Front right is Beverley Eikli.

Sue Moorcroft and Melanie Hudson chatting to a friend

Me, Kathryn Freeman, bloggers Laura and Charlotte, Isabella Connor (Liv) and our blogger friend Catriona




I wasn’t the only person posing! Here’s Catriona Robb with Alison

Here I’m talking to Choc Lit author Alison May and blogging friend Charlotte. Behind us, Laura watches on, and behind her, Sue is chatting to Paul Vernham

Posing for the camera with Alison May



Jenny and Rachel talking to someone off camera

Janet with Henriette Gyland

Henriette with Jenny Haddon and Rachel Summerson




Thank you, Catriona, for allowing me to put up these photos.  Over and out!

  • What a fantastic time you all had! Thanks for sharing, Liz 🙂

    • Liz:

      I’m so glad that Catriona took some photos since I forgot. It was a terrific evening and it’s great to have a pictorial memory of it.

      I’m off to the London Book Fair on Wednesday, and this time I’ll remember to take not just the camera, but also some photos.

  • Good for those stuck out in the sticks to see what we’ve missed! Thanks, Liz!

    • Liz:

      A camera can never do justice to an evening like that – it was really great fun. It began with a group of us meeting up for a bite to eat first. It was a fabulous way to get the evening going.

  • Great sum up, Liz. I’m still trying to access the photos Eivind took on his camera but as we’re still travelling it’s been really hard.

    I had such a fun night! Thanks so much for coming along!

    • Liz:

      I wouldn’t have missed it for anything! I’m just sorry that I didn’t take any photos myself. I should have had one of you, and not just of your back, as it was your night and Janet’s.

      However, I shall see you in New Orleans, and I’ll make sure I get a front view photo there 🙂

      I hope that the rest of your journey goes well, and wish you a safe trip back to Australia.

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