It’s time that I started a blog, I thought, and so that’s just what I’ve done.

Liz Harris by Rob WhealHaving made the decision to begin blogging, I had to decide what to say on this my first blog.

But it isn’t my first blog, I suddenly realised. My first blog was a few weeks ago on the Choc Lit Author’s Corner, when I wrote about the inspiration behind my debut novel The Road Back.

What’s more, a few days ago I wrote a second blog for the Choc Lit Author’s Corner. This time it was about the fabulous cover Choc Lit has given to my book.

And that’s not all. A few weeks ago, I sent a blog posting to DizzyC’s little Book Blog. In it, I talked about my current work in progress, A Bargain Struck.

You’ll see that I’ve followed the ‘Why Re-invent the Wheel?’ train of thought, and I’ve linked you to those three blogs, rather than repeat what I’ve already said. After all, writers know that they should avoid repetition, and readers hate to be told the same thing more than once.

Thank you very much for stopping by. I hope to see you again next Wednesday. I shall have been to the presentation of the RoNAs by then, and will have photos.