Venue: Waterstones Oxford

Date: 14th September, 2012

Time: 6.30 to 8pm

Thank you, marvellous family and friends. Thank you, wonderful staff of Waterstones Oxford, led by Events Manager, Charlie Hayes. Thank you, Colin Dexter, for your warm and enthusiastic support.

Yes, I owe thanks to the many people who helped me to ensure that the The Road Back was launched in style on Friday evening. Happily, several friends captured moments from the fabulous evening with their cameras, and I’d like to share some of those moments with you.

Greeting friends Linda Harris, Carole Print, Alison Holloway

Greeting Angela Stack









Facing the camera, Chris Blountfield. My older son, Luke, is to his left

My husband, with wine, among the people gathering in Waterstones Oxford










Far left, brother-in-law, Dr. Geoff Watts, talking to my son, Luke. In front of Luke, son Jake looks at the flowers that Waterstones gave me

In the front, Jane Gordon-Cumming. At the back, her husband, Edwin Osborn. To the left, Kevin, a friend from my village











Talking to David Vachell, Eileen Barnes Vachell & my husband, Richard

Facing the camera, Ahilleas Maurellis & Sonja Francis of Thame News online









Food being passed around (Fair enough; it's a bit obvious!). Ann Delaney looks around

Younger son, Jake, with Angela Stack










Far left, Julie Roberts; centre, London friend, James Plant, talking to Kevin. Far right, my cousin, Alan

What on earth could I have been saying!










Sarah Andrew, a young friend from London; my sister, Diana Ellis, and my son, Luke

Brother-in-law, Geoff, with my cousin, Alan, and his wife, Janet










Angela Stack with Nikki Fine

Lizzy Edmondson, Sonja Francis, & Kate Lace with food










Heather Rosser, enjoying herself, with Mary Cavanagh just behind her

Son Jake's partner, Angela Burgess, with Julia Knight & Ann Delaney










Watched by Nikki Fine on her right, and Julie Roberts behind her, Angela Stack has a message for the camera! Carol McGrath has her back to Angela and misses the message


Kate Lace offering food to Angela Stack & Carol McGrath

Mary Cavanagh & Maggi Fox










Colin Dexter, creator of Oxford's Inspector Morse


Colin Dexter with Kyla & her friend

Berkshire friends, Carole & Linda, talking to Colin Dexter


On the topic of bookmarks, with my Friend from the North, Stella Lee

Signing a book for Jane Gordon-Cumming. Mary Cavanagh & Sue Andrew look on


















Signing a book for my sister, Diana

Signing a book for Chrissy Hayes, with Radio Marlow, and her mother










I wonder what Sarah and Nikki are looking at!

Signing books for Heather Rosser, Jan Sprenger & Beth Elliott










Alison Bacon, Maggi Fox & Kate Lace

Sylvia Vetta talking to a friend and Linora Lawrence










With Alison Bacon

Sarah Watkinson and her husband, talking with Edwin Osborn










It's time to think about my reading from The Road Back. Discussing this with Charlie Hayes, Events' Manager of Waterstones Oxford

Enjoying a joke with Colin Dexter as I prepare to read from my book











Introducing my characters, Patricia and Kalden, to everyone in the room

Charlie Hayes' fast action with a particular book causes much amusement










Listening to Colin Dexter's amusing talk

With my reading and Colin's talk over, it's time to sign more books










Signing a book for Tim Griggs

Carol McGrath engrossed in conversation with Colin Dexter









Talking to Ahilleas Maurelli

Charlie Hayes and Kate Lace share a joke











Charlie Hayes draws our attention to the fact that it's time to wind down the launch




So it's goodbye, staff at Waterstones Oxford. Thank you for helping us to have a brilliant evening and to send The Road Back in to the world in style.